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Thanks for the Planets Light Sculpture by Arnout Meijer

Thanks for the Planets Light Sculpture by Arnout Meijer
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Emerging Rotterdam-based designer Arnout Meijer sculpts light to replicate the gaseous color shifts of celestial bodies in his series Thanks for the Planets.The wall-mounted piece Thanks for the Sun was Meijer’s 2013 Design Academy Eindhoven graduation project, and this year he’s introduced the next evolution, Thanks for the Planets. Each hypnotic, limited-edition light sculpture in this ongoing exploration uses hundreds of LEDs mounted inside an acrylic structure to allow the user to shift between gradients of warm and cool light and, ultimately, to transform the ambiance of the environment.The highly conceptual designer explains his project like this: “Unlike any other sculptural medium, light is constantly in motion, traveling in straight lines! These objects explicitly engage the spatial and sensory aspects of light, its aesthetics, and its immaterially, by unfolding the complexity of our encounters with the myriad aspects of the raw material, light!”

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