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The Berlin Boombox

The Berlin Boombox
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Looking for a gift which keeps on giving? Look no further than the fabulous Berlin Boombox! This modern-day, cardboard ghetto blaster comes flat-packed for easy and glue-free self-assembly. Follow the diagram, slide in the speakers, connect up the wires, slot the components together, add the batteries – this really is the perfect crafty present for kids, dudes and anyone who loves the satisfaction of putting things together and see how they work! And when they’re done, they’ve got a funky, retro-style speaker into which they can slot their phone or other mp3 or bluetooth device into the ‘tape deck’ space and connect for hours of portable, quality music-playing. A gift for the coolest kids on the block!

Not only does the Berlin Boombox Mobile Smart Phone Speaker in Brown look totally and utterly fantastic, like something that’s stepped right out of the 1980’s, but it is also the most eco-friendly earth-loving stereo speaker in existence! That’s quite a claim! And something that we at Cuckooland want to be a part of! Why is it so green, I hear you ask? The Berlin Boombox, designed by Berlin-based designer Axel Pfaender, is made of recycled corrugated cardboard and can itself be recycled.

It only contains a teeny weeny portion of plastic and electronic waste. There is also great care to avoid unnecessary shrink-wrapping, plastic materials and the like. Let’s not forgot though that this is an audio product and whilst we are over the moon that it is such an environmentally friendly product, we also want it to deliver on quality and sound. And boy, it really really does! You will find it hard to believe that this little monster is constructed out of cardboard.

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