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The ILY Family Phone

The ILY Family Phone
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ILY makes regular, everyday conversations effortless, whether you are 3 or 93, regardless of location and tech savviness, by connecting everyone with just one tap, no matter what device they are on (iOS, Android, ILY). So whether you’re a traveling parent or have family living far away, Ily gives your family – young or old – the power to communicate on their terms.

ILY is simple for everyone to use. If your son or daughter wants to talk about their day at school or about the goal they scored at soccer, they can video call their grandma simply by tapping on her picture. They can also send photos from the device, or drawings they have created on ILY’s touchscreen. And on the flip side, my mom can voice or video call her grandchildren either on her own ILY device or by downloading the ILY app on her smartphone or tablet.

ILY is always on, always charged, and safe for kids. It connects to Wifi, and can replace your landline phone if you want. But there’s no Internet browser, so no games, websites or unsafe Internet content for kids. That means they can use it unsupervised any time they want. And the iOS and Android apps make it easy for parents who travel to connect with their families when they are on the road.

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