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The Princess in the Towel – Metal Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

The Princess in the Towel – Metal Kitchen Paper Towel Holder
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  • ✓ Kitchen accessories can be stylish too: everyone uses paper towel holders in their kitchen, but i can bet that no one has a unique, stylish, and out of the ordinary paper towel holder in their home! Get our “Princess In The Tower” kitchen paper towel holder and add charm to your kitchen that no one has!
  • ✓ The perfect gift: no one has ever seen a paper towel holder that is this unique and different! It’s the perfect gift to buy for friends and family that will get everyone talking at the dinner table!
  • ✓ Long lasting: our paper towel holder is not just stylish and unique but is also very sturdy; quality made, and has a painted matt black coat!
  • ✓ No assembly needed: you read correctly! Our unique “Princess In The Tower” paper towel holder is now sold in one piece so that you don’t need to worry about getting your hands dirty to assemble!
  • ✓ What an idea: our stylish and elegant paper towel holder unfolds a famous scene from fairy talesin whoch the princess is locked up in a tall tower by a vicious witch, and waiting for her prince to come and save her.
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