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Theia Table Lamp

Theia Table Lamp
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Light and shadow brought together in the same lamp. Opaque and transparent materials combined in an ingenious design. Elevated to a different plane, the Theia lamp has a creative concept at its heart. To design the lamp, Mathias Hahn drew inspiration from Greek goddess Theia, who represents the sun, the moon, and the glimmer of dawn. The table lamp celebrates the beauty of light, enhancing its power by placing it alongside shadow. Theia features two rotating shades with a half-sphere shape. The metal lampshade has an opaque finish, while the thermoformed methacrylate one boasts a transparent smoked shade. The two shades swivel independently on a central axis, one horizontally and the other vertically. They hide or reveal the light bulb as needed, subtly changing the design. Point the light towards a desk to focus it on a specific space for reading or turn the lamp towards a wall to create a soft, warm light in the room. A floor version is also available.

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