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TicHome Mini Smart Speaker

TicHome Mini Smart Speaker
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Mighty useful mini waterproof Bluetooth speaker
Built-in battery Up to 6 hours of battery life
IPX6 splashproof Unafraid of water, take Google Assistant where no Google Assistant has gone before

Do more with portability Experience the full potential of Google Assistant everywhere in your home
Effortless setup Setup made easy with the Google Home app
TapConnect The fastest Bluetooth pairing. Period.
Google Assistant built-in Your own personal Google, always ready to help

Singing in the shower is so much better with this waterproof bluetooth speaker
Your home is so much more than where power outlets are. TicHome Mini’s built-in battery and splashproof IPX6 rating gives you the most versatile hands-free smart speaker to date. Bring it anywhere in your home and experience a life of new possibilities with the Google Assistant by your side. Take calls, schedule reminders, or relax with a meditation session, hands-free.

Introducing TapConnect
TicHome Mini’s TapConnect technology allows NFC reader-enabled smartphones to pair via Bluetooth instantly. Simply tap your phone against TicHome Mini and start jamming out to your favorite tunes.

Music streaming pro
Connect and voice command your favorite music apps. From Spotify to Google Play Music, TicHome Mini provides effortless integration with the widest selection of music content in the industry.

Dynamic, full-range 360° sound
TicHome Mini’s downward facing 360° speaker has been engineered to bring you the biggest sound of any speaker of its class.

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