Tie Dye Caftan in Earthy Greens and Browns

Tie Dye Caftan in Earthy Greens and Browns
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This gorgeous floor-length caftan is dyed in earthy shades of brown, gold, moss green, forest green. You can have a caftan dyed in this pattern and shade in two sizes –regular and plus! They are made from lightweight rayon fabric that delightfully floats and moves. Here the measurements (in inches): Regular: 36″ from side to side or 56″ around; 49″ long Plus: 38″ from side to side or 76″ around; 52″ long These are basically a large rectangle of fabric folded at the top with indented side seams 5.5″-7.5″ inches (see the detail in the picture). It’s loose fitting, yet flattering. The lightweight fabric allows for great drape and voluptous fitting. Please note that care is required with the lightweight fabric as it can pull away from the stitching at the sides, although it doesn’t diminish the integrity of the garment. If you have any questions, please let us know. You can machine wash these caftans in a mesh bag on delicate cycle. Hang to dry and touch up with a hot iron. Also, each garment is individually dyed by hand.

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