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Toilet Basketball

Toilet Basketball
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Taking a trip to the toilet just doesn’t feel right without a little entertainment. And for quick, mindless fun, you can’t do better than a hoop and a ball. Sure, you could just chuck wads of toilet paper into your garbage can from a few feet away, but it just won’t be the same as genuine Toilet Basketball. That’s right – now you can drop bombs from downtown while you’re dropping a deuce. Better get comfortable.

Toilet Basketball sticks to your bathroom’s door by way of suction cups. Just keep the ball holder within arm’s length, and you have everything you need to hone your basketball game while you’re sitting on the throne. But, maybe that’s not enough – maybe you need to really capture the pressure of the big stage. Luckily for you, Toilet Basketball also comes with a basketball court you can roll out to really make it feel like the game’s on the line. Roaring crowds not included.

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