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Traveler’s Eye Massager

Traveler’s Eye Massager
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This is the portable cordless eye massager that alleviates eye fatigue with soothing, warm compression and gentle vibration. Ideal for road trips or airline travel, it folds in half to the size of a 12 oz. beverage can for easy storage in a bag or pocket.

The massager provides 10-, 15-, and 20-minute sessions that combine soothing pressure beneath the eyes to help alleviate headaches, warm 104° F compression for the upper cheek bones that massage the temples like a warm towel, gentle vibration that soothes the entire orbital area, and ambient nature sounds for overall relaxation.

Contouring gently to the face, the mask’s microfiber pad has an adjustable headband that provides a comfortable fit. Its rechargeable lithium battery provides up to two hours of use from a three-hour charge using the included AC adapter. 8″ W x 3″ H x 4″ D. (12 oz.)

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