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TUPLUS LINE 24″ Checked Luggage

TUPLUS LINE 24″ Checked Luggage
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Unique symmetry design
The new TUPLUS LINE suitcase prides itself with a symmetric exterior design that gives it the perfect finish. The front and same rear design were specially done to give it a unified appearance.

Invisible pop-out aluminum handle
Another patented design by TUPLUS, the pop-out aluminum handle. With just a click the handle pops up for you to easily grip and adjust to the height of your preference. Professionally crafted to achieve an excellent blend which makes it one whole piece of fancy checked bag.

Creative sliding lock mechanism
The safety of your luggage is essential, and that’s why TUPLUS LINE utilizes the new sliding lock system. This lock mechanism guarantees not only the security of your personal belongings but also requires minimal effort to open and close. All you need to do is slide the lock sideways. Securing your property doesn’t get easier than this.

No-zipper design
No more zippers, thanks to the advanced lock system which is supported by four high-strength hooks on the inside. Zippers can be a hassle, and your belongings can be compromised, but with this elaborate lock mechanism, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to safety.

Silent Hinotomo spinner wheels
The TUPLUS LINE is equipped with Hinomoto spinner wheels to prevent much noise during movement. These two-bearing wheels are stronger than one bearing wheels, which make them perform better in motion. Not only are these wheels almost silent but they are made and duly tested to withstand even the toughest floors.

Light and durable material
Solid engineered ABS and PC plastic which makes this beautiful bag highly durable and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Large functional storage
The TUPLUS LINE has a capacity of 73L storage space to accommodate everything you will need during your journey. Also included are zippered interior organizers made with garment material which allows you to arrange your clothes neatly.

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