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TwelveSouth Backpack

TwelveSouth Backpack
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Add-on shelf for iMac and Apple Cinema Displays. BackPack is the perfect place to park portable hard drives, card readers or other USB peripheral you want to hide, but need easy access to every now and then. If you don’t have an iMac or an Apple computer, but you still need space on your desk, a monitor mount would be the answer.

Set your USB hub on the shelf and tie your cables to it for a super tidy workspace. BackPack is also a handy home to stash your iPhone or iPod while charging and syncing. Because it’s height adjustable, there’s room for more than one BackPack in your life.

Hang one low for hard drives and add a second one for hubs and gear (or a Transformer). If the back of your iMac faces the room, a BackPack or two is a completely fun, new way to personalize both your iMac and your workspace.

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