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Twintails Pillow by Bibilab

Twintails Pillow by Bibilab
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Hug pillows are immensely popular in Japan, especially among young women, who want something to snuggle up to at night. And when guys start adding anime character covers to these pillows, then we get into a whole other area of snuggling entirely… Now here is the Bibilab Twintails Pillow, an original take on this type of product.  Nothing will match the Nicolas Cage pillow.

It’s a typical hug pillow in that it’s designed so you can wrap your whole body around. But the shape is unique: pigtails!

The Bibilab Twintails Pillow features:

Color: brown
Size: around 90 x 150 x 22cm (35.4 x 59 x 8.7″)
Weight: 3kg (6.6 lbs)
Materials: polyester

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