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Universal Tablet CD Slot Mount by Satechi

Universal Tablet CD Slot Mount by Satechi
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The Satechi Universal Tablet CD Slot Mount conveniently mounts your tablet front and center along your dashboard where it can be easily viewed and reached.

Easy to Install

No tools are required to use this mount since it fits into the CD slot of your car while still allowing you to play CDs. The mount securely keeps your tablet where you need it most without obstructing your view.

Adjustable Height and Screen Orientation

An adjustable arm can be tilted up or down and a ball joint allows for 360-degree rotation as well as tilting to various angles for clear visibility and easy reach of your tablet.

Safe and Secure Grip

Pull apart the spring holder to insert tablets and the padded grips will protect your device from scratches while securely holding it in place. Included are three sub pads of varying thickness which are pads used to ensure the mount fits into your CD slot. The one stop locking solution secures the mount into the CD player and stabilizes the tablet.

The mount will need to be removed to insert or remove CDs from the CD player.

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