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Upcycled iMac Pet Bed by Atomic Attic

Upcycled iMac Pet Bed by Atomic Attic
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Atomic Attic makes these fun upcycled pet beds from ancient, yet not so ancient, iMacs.
Comes with a removable machine-washable slipcover as well as a fluffy rainbow striped cushion. They upcycle the ENTIRE iMac and have transformed the original speakers into the rear brace to prevent it from becoming a rocking chair pet bed.

The iMac is cleaned, polished and heat treated for maximum acrylic clarity. However, keep in mind they were once in service. Minor scuffs and scratches go with the territory.

This iMac is Indigo with a vibrant rainbow fabric.

**Recycled** Every CRT is accounted for through a local Oregon e-cycles provider!
15.8 x 15.2 x 17.6 inches

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