Upholstery Foam High Resilient Density 2.0

Upholstery Foam  High Resilient Density 2.0
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Perhaps you are in need of some replacement foam or you have just begun a new project. Our company offers a selection of foams that are perfect for any project, furniture, or upholstery needs. We can custom cut to any size. All Standard options or selections are in inches; example 3 x 14 x 14 is 3″ x 14″ x 14″ We offer three varieties of foams based on density: 1.4 lbs. per ft?, 1.8 lbs. per ft?, and 2.0 lbs. per ft?. Really, this is a choice between good, better, and best as foam of 1.4 lbs. will last from 3 to 5 years, foam of 1.8 lbs. will last from 7 to 10 years, and foam of 2.0 lbs. will last over 15 years. All three varieties are moderately firm and have a compression rate, or ild, of about 30 lbs. This firmness is perfect for a variety of projects including mattress tops, interior and exterior cushions (home dcor, cars, trucks, boats, etc.), and table top protectors. The foam is very easy to cut and manipulate if needed. After several month i have notice most people are looking to replace sofa cushions. Here is how to determine your correct foam size needed. Please measure your cushion cover with the foam inside from seam to seam. Left to right, front to back and top to bottom. Then add 1 inch to each dimension. This is the correct foam size to properly fill your cushion. i can also provide Dacron to cover the foam which accomplishes two things, allows the material to move without causing abrasion on the foam (like sandpaper on wood) and it can provide a bit of a crown, though your properly size foam will do that mostly. If you need a unique size or particular firmness, please contact us and we will provide exactly what you are looking for.

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