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Venado Steam Shower

Venado Steam Shower
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Brand New luxurious Venado Steam Shower Unit just released. This amazing Steam Shower Unit sports a 8.4″ inch Waterproof LCD TV, MP3/MP4, FM Radio with Audio Frequency Input, and Telephone Answering on the technology side. A Steam Sauna, 30 Jet Heated Whirlpool Bathtub, Rainfall Ceiling Shower, and Acupressure & Foot Massage that round out the Hydrotherapy side. Plus 10 Year Warranty!

Made with high-end Steam Shower Unit materials, the Venado Steam Shower Unit is well-constructed with easy-to clean acrylic, strong aluminum alloy framing, and toughened tempered glass. Your Steam Shower Unit also incorporates cushioned headrests, a fog-free mirror, two shampoo racks, two handheld adjustable showerheads, and more for your convenience.

Experience a refreshing Steam Sauna, Acupressure Massage, or Whirlpool Bath without traveling to expensive resorts with this Better Bathrooms Steam Shower Unit. Purchase your Steam Shower Unit, save gas money, and feel the difference for yourself. – Waterproof 8.4″ inch LCD TV: The waterproof TV inside your Steam Shower Unit adds excitement, delivering live entertainment.

– Whirlpool Bathtub: 2 cushion headrests and an arrangement of 30 jets (6 big and 24 small) inside the Unit are located for a powerful hydro massage.

– Whirlpool Bathtub Heater: Now you can keep your Steam Shower Unit’s Whirlpool Bathtub Heated which keeps the water at a constant temprature.

– Acupressure Massage: There are 6 back massage jets and 4 body jets inside the Steam Shower Unit.

– Computerized LCD Control Display: The computerized LCD Control Display inside the Unit turns on/off the power, lights, fan, radio, etc.

– Aromatherapy/Medicines Steam Box: Simply place solid or liquid aromatherapy scents inside the Unit’s steam box during use for wellness benefits.

– Ozone Sterilization System: This self cleaning Steam Shower Unit function kills bacteria and viruses, allowing the next use to be germ free.

– MP3 / MP4 & CD Player Compatiblet: Use the MP3/MP4 USB input located on the outer Steam Shower Unit control panel to play your favorite music.

– Fog Free Mirror: The Fog Free Mirror inside the Steam Shower Unit stay fog free in the steamiest conditions.

– Foot Massage: The removable foot massage inside the Steam Shower Unit puts mechanical force and hydro pressure together.

– Fluorescent Mood Lighting & Underwater LED Lights: Two sets of lighting adding romance, modern style, and mood lifting capabilities.

– Hands Free Telephone: Your Steam Shower Unit accepts incoming calls with an integrated Hands Free Telephone.

– Steam Sauna: This Steam Shower Unit feature quickly produces high temperature steam helping you increase blood circulation, detoxify, and feel relaxed.

– Hand Grips: You can easily sit and stand inside the Steam Shower Unit using the grey hand grips.

– Two Handheld Adjustable Showerheads: Couples can enjoy the Steam Shower Unit together with two handheld adjustable showerheads available.

– Pedal Drain: Simply push down on the Steam Shower Unit’s pedal drain with your foot or hand popping up the drain to drain water or back down to refill.

– Waterfall Inlet: Offers a soothing sound of water falling gently into your steam shower for relaxation effect.

– Emergency Alarm: If you find yourself in need of assistance inside your Steam Shower Unit, with one push of a button, a loud alarm rings out for help.

– Rainfall Ceiling Shower: The oversized showerhead in the Unit is surrounded with blue fluorescent mood lighting giving you a tropical rainfall experience.

– Water-Resistant Remote Control: The Water-Resistant Remote Control with your Steam Shower Unit operates features of the unit.

– FM Radio and Audio Frequency Input: Inside the Steam Shower Unit, you can tune into your favorite FM stations.

– Surround Sound Speakers: The Steam Shower Unit’s Speaker System is integrated with the Telephone and Radio.

– Ventilation Fan: The Ventilation Fan keeps heat and air density at a desirable level inside the Steam Shower Unit.

– Automatic Safety shutoff: In the event that no water is detected or overheats then the unit will automatically turn-off to protect both the user and the unit.

– Storage Shelves: This unit was designed with spacious storage shelves available for shampoo, soap, etc.

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