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Vinci Smart Headphones

Vinci Smart Headphones
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Effortless control and listening. Super-easy to use. Vinci headphones sense when they’re on your ears and pause when you remove them. Simply tap and swipe to adjust tracks and volume.
Voice control for a completely hands-free experience. Say anything (artist, song, album, genre, mood) you want. Vinci will match songs to whatever you say.

Integrated music services. Stream Spotify, SoundCloud, and Amazon directly on your headphones.
Music online or offline. Directly connect to Wi-Fi or 3G network to stream music or listen to your imported songs in Vinci’s local storage (up to 32GB). You can also listen music from other devices via Bluetooth connection.
Smart recommendations. Vinci recommends real-time personalized music based on your preferences (listening history and favorites) as well as heart rate and cadence, using Vinci’s integrated heart rate and pedometer sensors.

Getting smarter. Always getting smarter and adding new features and skills. Vinci supports Amazon Alexa and you can call out Alexa services anywhere you go!
3D sound recording and playback. Microphones in close proximity to your ears provide binaural recording and re-create a 3D sound sensation.
Outstanding battery life. Up to 3 weeks standby time, 26 hours of music playback via Bluetooth, or 7 hours non-stop standalone music playback.

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