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Vintage TV Cat Bed

Vintage TV Cat Bed
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Transport your cats back to the 1950s with this vintage television cat bed! This cozy hideaway features a removable plush bed inside the shell of a hand-made, all wood television. The backdrop can be lit with a multitude of colors of your choice.

The back wall of the set is screen printed with the classic “Please Stand By” message. To give the tv a more realistic feel, we built the knobs so they are able to spin.

We used solid pine and finished plywood on the outer shell of the television. We decided to leave most of the wood unfinished and accented the piece with gray stain, each of the stained pieces are finished with matte polyurethane. Each set comes with a remote to set/change the LED lighting on the TV. You can choose to light the TV set with your favorite color of the moment or to have the colors on a rotation, fading into each other. The LED lighting does need an outlet, so please keep that in mind when thinking of room placement.

Although designing and building this item was a lot of fun, it would be hard to mass produce in our shop. Because of this, we will only be making 10 units at this point.

For right now, we are only doing shipping to the US on the TV. We’ll have international shipping included in the next week.

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