White Rugs white black rug Modern rug. Scandinavian rug

White Rugs white black rug Modern rug. Scandinavian rug
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Spruce up your home, enjoy and do good. Off-White / Ivory and Black Rug creates a striking look, breaks the monotony, as well as allows you to add any colour accessories to your room. enjoy your home … washable rugs. i believe in memories, friends, tiny feet, fluffy pets, food to share, long talks, love & laughter. What makes a house a home is having the things you love filled with memories. do good …….. everything is more beautiful when it’s made with a heart and purpose Spinning Shreds Rugs is where selvedge textiles are Saved, Reworked and Treasured. We live in a time, where something is broken, it just gets replaced, continually draining new resources to create new products. Spinning Shreds Rugs is trying to make a conscious effort to stop throwing textile away by upcycling the surplus textiles of the upholstery industry in Europe. Which are modern and beautiful raw materials which otherwise may have ended their lives in the landfill. about our handwoven rugs What makes the handwoven rug truly unique? No two handwoven rugs are exactly alike. Variations in colour, shading, texture and shape are inherent in a handwoven rug. No two rugs are alike so that every single one is one-of-a-kind. Whats not to like about that? Made of 100 % Up-cycled Cotton. Spinning Shreds rugs, made with love, care, and mindfulness. Beyond doubt, will make your home feel special. Characteristics Texture: Low Pile. Up-cycled Textile Materials: 95 % cotton and 5% other fibre. Care: 30Machine Washable. Approximate Weight: 0.1 Kg/m? with a margin of 5%. Made in Europe. Sizes: All sizes are approximate by a margin of 5%. due to the handcrafted production. 60×120 cm Bedside | Bathroom | Doormat 90x150cm. Area Rug | Bedroom | Entrance | Large Bathroom 120x160cm Area Rug | Coffee Table | Living room | Bedroom 140x200cm Area Rug | Living room | Bedroom | Playmat 170x240cm Area Rug | Living room | Bedroom

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