William Morris Tie Floral Tie Men’s Neckties

William Morris Tie  Floral Tie  Men’s Neckties
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William Morris Tie- William Morris was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist in the 1800s. His art was ornate and beautiful as seen on this carefully screen printed tie. This is one of Morris’ beautiful patterns expertly screen printed on a microfiber, Umo Lorenzo necktie. The design is printed on the bottom 27 inches of the tie, which means it’s all that will be showing when the tie is tied (as shown in the wedding photos above). Each tie is 3.5 inches at its widest point, 58 inches long help choosing a color: The drop down menu has 15 different color choices. In each case, the first color is the ink color, and the second refers to the color of the tie. For instance, “Black on Gray” means “Black ink on a gray tie”. Below is a list of the colors shown in the product photos, from left to right in each instance: 1st photo: black ink on gray, green ink on white, black ink on sage green 2nd photo (wedding photo): green ink on ivory 3rd photo: color swatches of the basic tie colors 4th photo: black ink on rust, green ink on ivory, black ink on mustard 5th photo: black ink on silver, green ink on light blue, black ink on olive 6th photo: black ink on burgundy, black ink on white, green ink on mustard 7th photo: green ink on silver, black ink on ivory, black in on mustard 8th and 9th wedding photos: green ink on ivory Confused? Write us with any questions and we’ll get back to you very quickly (usually same day on weekdays and Saturdays).

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