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World’s First USB Cable w Safety Features and mAh Meter

World’s First USB Cable w Safety Features and mAh Meter
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Smart USB cable with auto stop safety against Overheating, Power Overload and Current Surge. And mAh meter checks power bank’s spec.

We launched Prufen Smart USB Cable in Singapore in Comex Exhibition in Sept 2016. With its safety features, mAh meter and superb OLED display, the response was overwhelming with 70% of customers buying our product after seeing our product demonstrations. We are encouraged by this response and believe we have an winning product. We now want to progress forward to bring this product to key global markets.

Why we need funds:

1. We would like to sell our product in KickStarter to determine the potential demand in key markets. With this information and fund, we can then approach key physical and online retailers with our KickStarter’s data.

2. This product is the World’s First USB cable with auto-stop charging safety features coupled with a mAh (energy charged) Meter to measure the mAh of power banks and mobiles. This cable can also do data transfer. Being a World’s First, it is absolutely critical to explain to potential customers of the product features. No customers will understand the product just by looking at it (unlike familiar products e.g. headphone, speaker, power bank…etc). KickStarter will allow us to test our existing marketing material (eg. our video). When gaps are identified, we need funds to develop and invest in more marketing materials for both physical and online sales.

In case you are wondering: No, this product was not invented due to the recent mobile battery problem of a major phone maker. We have foreseen the needs to have safety features and mAh meter more than 2 years ago. Patents were filed in 2015.

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