World’s Smallest Himalayan Salt Lamp

World’s Smallest Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Stop being salty and start relaxing in the glow of your very own absolutely tiny miniature salt lamp. Different cultures from all over the world have long banged on about the many benefits of salt, from the feng shui possibilities to how it can help ionise the air, a process said to restore the imbalances in your body and make you feel more energised and refreshed. Now you can reap these benefits without sacrificing an entire corner of the room to a tower of pink salt, with this tiny Himalayan Mood Lamp! It’s the perfect size for your desk, bedside table or mantelpiece. Flick the switch on its base to turn the colour-shifting light on and watch as it moves through every colour of the rainbow, shining through the salt. Confused as to how a solid lump of something you would ordinarily put on chips can detoxify your living environment? Don’t worry, it comes with a little book that explains it all very clearly. Even if you end up not agreeing with it, the salt lamp looks damn cool in its own right, purification or none.

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