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✔ COMBINATION WRENCH SET, EVOLVED. WRENCHit is a portable and multi-functional spanner like you’ve never seen before. The next step in redesigning the toolbox, Mininch has created a versatile solution for minimizing what you need to maximize your potential.
✔ 10 BITS, 15 FUNCTIONS – A wide range of bits covers most every day needs. Whether you’re diving into a bicycle or moped repair project, just adjusting a bolt here and there, assembling IKEA furniture, or hex bolt in your project, WRENCHit is the most convenient tool for the job. There are many bits soon to be available, so the functionality doesn’t stop there. The Mininch ecosystem is built for expansion.

✔ JOYFUL DESIGN – Not only is the WRENCHit small, light, and beautiful, it’s a pleasure to use. Following the lead of the innovative Mininch Tool Pen, the mechanism behind the swappable WRENCHit bit is fun with a satisfying click. Once locked in, the bits stay in place and can handle a great deal of stress. When you’re done with your project, slide in the included bottle opener bit and enjoy a refreshing beverage.
✔ BUILT STRONG – The Sleeve and Wrenches are made of 420 Stainless Steel with a sandblasted finish, meaning they’re up for difficult tasks. Milled with precision, they grip bolts without slop and can pry them off. Don’t let the 4mm thin sleeve deceive you, WRENCHit can twist very tricky hardware with ease.
✔ INCLUDED LEATHER POUCH – A genuine leather pouch holds the sleeve and all included bits securely. Just toss it in your pocket or bag and you’re ready to go. You’ll find yourself using it much more than you’d think!

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