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Wrensilva x Sonos Stereo Console

Wrensilva x Sonos Stereo Console
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Uniting refined design with the best in audio technology, the Wrensilva™ x Sonos® stereo console is an elegant blending of the past and the future. Traditional craftsmanship, heirloom quality materials, and analog audio find harmony with contemporary design sensibility, intuitive user interfaces, and the absolute cutting-edge of streaming audio by Sonos.

Sonos synced volume control knob
Sonos Play:5 speakers
Connect to any Sonos products on your network
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Fully decoupled belt driven turntable
Wrensilva 1 1/8″ constrained layer, split plinth construction
OA2 precision Gimbal tonearm
Hurst 24v AC synchronous motor
3/4″ Acrylic platter
Ortofon OM5E Cartridge
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Seamless switching between vinyl and streaming music
Pair your Wrensilva stereo console with existing Sonos speakers throughout your home
WiFi mesh streaming for a super high quality and dependable audio signal. Your music won’t cut out when you answer the phone or exit the room.
Access all your online music services, internet radio stations, etc through one easy-to-use app
Wrensilva Connectivity Icon

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