5 5 Inch Cast Iron Metal Number 5 WITH DRILL HOLE for

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as of 4/11/2017, the four “5” we have in stock come with one drill hole. we are unable to drill more holes into these numbers because the cast iron is so hard. Each individually sold number “5” is approximately 5 inches tall. Perfect for wall decor, framing, wedding signage, address numbers, table numbers…the sky is the limit. Leave it its current hue or paint it for that perfect Pinterest project you’ve been meaning to complete. Please note that letters/numbers pictured are samples. Each 5 has one small drill hole to allow you to easily hang/mount them. Letters/numbers may have minor imperfections in the casting. Some of our individual metal letters/numbers may have rust on them. If you prefer the rustier, a damp night outside will weather these babies beautifully.

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