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ACTON M MX Electric Scooter

ACTON M MX Electric Scooter
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Looking for a transportation alternative for your short commutes around town or to work? Look no further than the 3 Wheel Electric M Scooter from ACTON. This clean energy vehicle has zero gas emissions which makes it good for the environment and a great alternative to gas powered vehicles when traveling short distances.

The Electric M Scooter has a per charge range of up to 15 miles when traveling on flat surfaces and a max speed of up to 12 MPH. While riding you have the option to either sit down or stand up thanks to the M Scooters patented retractable seat that simply folds into the frame when not in use.

The seat isn’t the only part of the scooter that folds either. The Electric M Scooter features a truly unique unified collapsible frame that will allow its physical volume to be reduced by as much as 50% to allow it to fit in the trunk of an SUV, closet or be stored out of the way in an office. For maximum safety the scooter comes equipped with an all-wheel braking system for quick stopping capability and powerful LED headlights to ensure you can be seen, and can see in low light situations.

The 3 Wheel Electric M Scooter is capable of supporting riding weight up 300 lbs and thanks to the stand/sit feature this can be a combined weight maximum if you want to ride tandem. This scooter has a 250W DC brushless hub motor with a Lithium-ion Polymer battery and a charging time between two to four hours. The battery is capable of 500+ charges before it will experience any degradation of less than 100% charge capacity.

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