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Aladdin Graphite Home Grill

Aladdin Graphite Home Grill
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0.2 of a second. This is all the Aladdin Graphite Home Grill needs to get heated up and ready to cook your meat, fish or vegetables. The reason? The special far-red polyimide film that has been used to coat its graphite plate, giving it twice the conductivity of copper. Does that sound scary? It shouldn’t because several safety measures have been added, like an empty plate detector and a tray switch. Which means that the grill won’t fire up until your food is in place!

Since it only uses lamps for heating, the Aladdin Graphite Home Grill is very healthy and will allow you to enjoy a BBQ indoors free of smoke and bad smells. And after you’re done, it will be a breeze to clean and get ready for your next culinary adventure. High tech meets mankind’s oldest method of cooking method… It had to come from Japan, right?

The Aladdin Graphite Home Grill features:
Graphite coated with patented far-red polyimide film
Size: 55 x 31 x 31cm (21.6 x 12.2 x 12.2″)
Weight: 4.3kg (9.4 lb)
Power: AC adapter
Maximum output: 1300W
Empty plate detection, tray switch for safety
Includes storage case, carry bag, tongs, healthy grill, extra plate
Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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