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Alphabet City Coloring Poster

Alphabet City Coloring Poster
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This giant poster is the ultimate fun project for anyone who likes to color. Spread it on the floor or hang it on the wall and invite everyone to join in. This poster also makes a mega-awesome party project. It’s a great way to introduce art and encourage collaboration. It’s also just a good reason to shut off the TV, get creative and go crazy with color.

Inspired by the famed neighborhood in New York City, this illustration shows all the letters from A-Z, with each being a glorious, architectural building in these three city blocks, bursting with street life.

HYESU LEE is a happy, messy illustrator based in Brooklyn. She loves to share the hidden beauty and happiness in the world through her work. Her favorite part about working on this poster was that while drawing the letters of the alphabet she was inspired by thinking of the names and initials of all of her friends.

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