Asobu TWB6 Bottle

Asobu TWB6 Bottle
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Asobu Introduces another unique reusable water bottle. The Flipside bottle is a flat-sided shaped water bottle that is easy to grip and take with you on the go to keep hydrated. The 24 ounce capacity ensure you have enough water to keep you going while running, jogging or working out in the gym. If you are carrying a backpack, you can use the Camelbak Eddy bottle as you can attach it to the backpack. The Flip Side water bottle is made of shock proof and impact resistant TritanTM plastic which is 100% BPA Free. Its distinct flat sides fit perfectly in your handbags or backpacks making your things organized and not overcrowded. Looks trendy with its minimalist design and glassy texture while keeping that healthy lifestyle!

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