Glass Cluster

Glass Cluster
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The stemware (not included) is meant to be used and then rehung. By selecting which glasses to hang, you design your own chandelier. Different kinds of glasses create different reflections and light patterns. If you choose all crystal glasses, it will look like a crystal chandelier. Available in black, clear lacquered or chromium plated finish. Includes: steel glass-holder, rod, 2 screws & 2 washers, & 10 s hooks. Does not include: wine glasses, electrics (wiring) , bulb socket, bulb & canopy (ceiling plate). Chandeliers are prepared for wiring but do not include electrics. The rod comes with threading and washer mounted on its lower end and the electric fittings are easily assembled by an authorized electrician. Check out other equipment and accessories that you can use for your restaurant or bar.

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