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Balanz – no more splatter in your kitchen

Balanz – no more splatter in your kitchen
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Balanz is a new type of serving spoon. With its unique movable core, it never falls out of your pan while cooking. The blade tilts up when you lay it flat, so it keeps your kitchen counter clean.

Our Story

We love to cook. When we are cooking we always keep a serving spoon handy to stir and taste what we are making. Put when putting the spoon back in the pan, it often falls out again. This makes a big mess – especially if you are making marinara sauce. So we made the Balanz. It never falls out of the pan, and it keeps your kitchen counter clean.

The concept

The Balanz is a serving spoon that has a hollow core. This core contains a ball bearing. This bearing rolls forwards or backwards depending on the position of the Balanz. The weight is at the front when you place it at an angle, and is at the back when you lay it flat. With the weight at the front, the spoon always stays in the pan – so no more nasty spills!

The design

The Balanz is made to work in every situation in your kitchen. The design of the spoon is ideal both for cooking and serving. Of course the Balanz is also dishwasher safe.

Square handle

The handle of the spoon is square. By design, the Balanz therefore doesn’t twist in your hand – even if your hands are slippery. We therefore don’t need a silicone sleeve, keeping the design clean and simple.

Monolithic design

The Balanz is made out a single mould with a single injection step. There are no seams or edges where dirt or food – and therefore germs – can build up. The only edge is at the very back – there is no edge anywhere near your food.

Hollow core

Although the hollow core is of course necessary for the Balanz to work properly, it also means that the spoon uses 70% less plastic. Since there is also no silicone sleeve, the Balanz uses very little material, making it a more sustainable solution.

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