Beach Wedding Destination Wedding Wedding Gift Wedding

Beach Wedding  Destination Wedding Wedding Gift Wedding
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Personalize this Beach Destination Wedding Frame and Give as a gift to the Newlyweds that they can insert their favorite photo from their Special day and Cherish for years to come! why choose a memory scapes frame? Our craftsman with over 20 years experience meticulously cuts, sands and routers the backs of each wooden backboard to make them ready to hang or set on a flat surface. Next each frame back and sides are handpainted. We then use high quality paper and ink to print the art our graphic designer and you have agreed to. We adhere the professional print to the front of the wood backboard and the entire frame is then sprayed with a museum grade sealer giving a flawless brush stroke free finish! Next, the entire backboard and the handpainted wooden mat that we then add is hand sanded and all edges shaded because the small details is where true artists take pride. Lastly We add the 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ Magnetic Picture Frame to make our High Quality product also Unique! upscale quality & unique gift idea for every occasion!

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