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BevLites Drink Candle

BevLites Drink Candle
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Bevlites are floating birthday candle holders for beverages and a completely new concept in celebrating any occasion. Now you can celebrate special events with a “lit” toast instead of cake. Add a bevlite to your favorite beverage, make a toast, make a wish and blow out the candle.

We have 3 different designs Cheers, Hearts and Happy B-day. Our bar boxes contain 12 of any one design or a multi pack of 4 of each design. 12 candles are included with each box and please select your design before adding to your cart. These are great for when you want to add one in everyone’s drink at a dinner party, wedding toast or just have some on hand for celebrating any occasion you can think of.

bevlites are changing how we are celebrating and not just for adults who may not care for cake ( or have a cake handy ) but for kids too where they can have their birthday candle floating in a chocolate milk shake or root beer float. Its always a surprise to see a lit candle in a glass as it’s so unexpected. Even if you just text a toast to the birthday person. They love seeing it.

And you can toast to more than just a birthday. Anniversaries, holidays, congratulations, promotions, kids winning a sporting event. You name it.

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