Big Savings Sale Distressed Brown Leather Handbag The Bella

Big Savings Sale Distressed Brown Leather Handbag The Bella
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The Bella 10 Tall 12 Wide 4 1/2 Deep 9 Drop The Bella Handbag is lot like the Ally, with just some subtle differences. The first no Orange Thread, that i love but anyway. The pocket is a Kodiak leather and the veg, tanned bottom insert works great at keeping the bag from sagging, nobody wants a saggy bag right . The big difference is the carry straps, they are made from the same leather as the bag rolled and stitched to make them kind of a half rope strap, firm but very soft at the same time. They attach to the purse with four rivets per end, and this is more for aesthetics than strength but works for both. This is a really sweet little bag.. The Bella in the first frame of the photo ( Right Bag ) is Camel and is no longer in stock, please see the other Four Colors shown in the lineup We Offer Variations and Customizations to this bag as well as all of bags, feel free to message us Please Read Below Before Purchasing Thank you for choosing Urban Guerrilla 63. We are a Custom Leather full service shop, all of our items are completely made by hand. Every item is made with a needle and thread, no machines. We feel that by doing leather work in this manner, every piece that leaves our shop has a human touch that cant be found in working with machines. You can also be assured that each piece will truly be one of a kind. In saying that, our truly handcrafted leather items take a little more time than normal machined or mast produced leather items. a lot of our items are totally customized and maybe sold out making our lead time about 7-14 days. We at ug63 know that our customers understand this and are willing to wait for quality products, and we want to show our appreciation for that by giving you the very best products we can. On the leather itself, all of the leather we use, we purchase when possible in person and visually inspect every piece. We feel that by doing this we give our customers a truly better product. Leather can have, fence and brush marks, scratch marks and even brands. There are times that we purchase leather because of certain marks and brands and color changes, it adds to the bag or tote. We feel that leather is a natural substance and we want to embody this in our leather products. We want you, our customers to know, we take your ideas and patronage very seriously so take it from me we will make every effort to make your experience with us a great one. Thank you Daniel & Cristy ug63

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