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BillStone Medium Safe 8 – Black & Ebony

BillStone Medium Safe 8 – Black & Ebony
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BillStone Luxurious Safes
BillStone is a manufacturer of high security luxurious safes. Our safes are designed for the modern gentleman who wish to protect their high-end automatic watches from burglary and fire, and at the same time maintain the watches by keeping them moving regularly. Our safe is easy to access with the right code, and comes with drawers that help you organize your wallets, passports, foreign currency, jewelry, and documents.

BillStone Medium-sized safe has an internal height of 91cm, internal volume of 218 liters, and weight starting from 268kg. Available internal configurations include: 8 winders plus 3 drawers plus an open space, or up to 24 watch winders plus 1 drawer.

The Medium safe’s weight should be acceptable for most apartments or office buildings. The size of the safe is also ideal for placement within a wardrobe.

Supreme Security
Protection is the core function of any safe, and this is where BillStone dominates. Armed with the latest technology, the BillStone Luxurious Safe boasts a level of protection like no other including: biometric access technology (optional upgrade), advanced drill-resistant armor plate, 4-ways solid locking bolts, anti-pry door, and high density fire-proofing.

A Secure Organizer
Our safes come with drawers with suede-lined trays designed for watches, wallets, passports, foreign currency, rings, cufflinks, bracelets, earrings, jewelry, and important documents. This help you organize your valuables which is important especially when are in a rush and need to look for that particular jewelry you want to wear for an important event!

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