Blue Polka Dots Purse Organizer Insert Multi-Pocket For

Blue Polka Dots Purse Organizer Insert Multi-Pocket For
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‘ This handy purse organizer insert will be like the lining in your purse. It has just about all the pockets you’ll need and will slide right down into your handbag. ‘ Then just lift it out with all your things intact and drop it into the next bag, tote, backpack, briefcase, diaper bag, car console – anywhere! ‘ This purse organizer insert has multiple pockets to help you better organize your personal items. Find things easily, never have to spend too much time searching in your purse! ‘ Easy to transfer from purse to purse within 3 seconds. Patented U-shape bottom to better shape up your purse purse organizer insert Features: All products are Handmade, and patent made in Taiwan. This is the style of purse organizer insert with an enclosed bottom There are 14 pockets (8 outside/6 inside) for keys, phones, pens, sunglasses, lipsticks and drop your wallet right in the middle. Inside pocket has a fold over Velcro flap for extra security. Medium purse organizer insert Dimension Width: 8.66 (22 cm) Depth: 3.15″ (8 cm) Height: 5.12 (13 cm) Visit my shop to view other colors, styles, sizes:

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