bluetooth glass keyboard

Bluetooth Glass Keyboard by Bastron

Bluetooth Glass Keyboard by Bastron
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Bastron V4.0 Wireless glass keyboard is a new trend of science and technology .We live in a world of touchscreens. For the most part, those touchscreens are dedicated devices that react to a tactile response. Completely buttonless, these devices are paired with software and exist both as the next wave of technology and as a commentary on the current state of the technical design. To be sure, the future will have more technology and equipment adopted the touch glass replace mechanical keyboard. Into a touch world to replace buttons,Are you ready? B9 is a new generation product. You can find us more early version of the product on amazon, we are in constant progress. Sure, peple acceptance it is higher and higher, and quickly reduce manufacturing costs.

•Connection: Bluetooth 3.0
•Support system: Windows, Android , Mac OSX , IOS
•Material: Aluminium + Tempered glass
•Glass capacity: Rigidity> 6H, intensity: CS≥450mpa,DOL≥8um
•Bettery Using Time: Around 10 hours
•Bettery Capacity:1040mAh

•Charging type:micro USB
•Charging Time: Around 3 hours
•Waterproof: Surface waterproof
• Suface treatment: Anti-fingerprint coating
• Net weight:1.02KG
• Gross weight:1.3KG
• Unit size: 34*16*1.3cm
• Warranty:1 year

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