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Boomerang Wok

Boomerang Wok
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Stir-frying enables you to create a delicious meal in no time. Unfortunately, when stir-frying, some of the ingredients tend to spill outside the pan. However, with the Boomerang Wok this is a thing of the past! Thanks to the unique patented cupped edge of the Boomerang Wok, the ingredients can be turned with a simple movement of the spatula.

The Boomerang Wok not only makes cooking easier, but larger pieces of food, such as a fillet of fish or meat can be turned in no time at all using the unique patented cupped edge. The Boomerang Wok means it is no longer necessary to lift up the pan to flip the food.

Stir-frying has never been as much fun or easy, and the stove stays clean!

Dimensions: 12.6″ Ø

Materials: Aluminum, Teflon Platinum Plus

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