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BubbleLick Edible Bubble Kit

BubbleLick Edible Bubble Kit
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Now you can create many incredible large bubbles and bubbles inside bubbles with this awesome bubble gun. The BubbLelick bubble gun edible bubble kit comes with the bubble gun, one BubbleLick bottle (cap color varies) and a clear tray. Unscrew the battery compartment on the gun to install 2 AA batteries (not included). Open the lid from the BubbLelick bottle which contains 25 ml of safe, nontoxic edible solution made with purified water and FDA approved food grade surfactant.

Choose your favorite tasty beverage/drink and pour slowing into the bottle up to the red line. Close the lid and gentle rock the bottle back and forth 10 times to completely mix your beverage with the solution. Do not vigorously shake the bottle to avoid creating too many suds and tiny bubbles inside the mixed solution. Pour your mixed flavored solution into the clear tray. Dip the loop on the bubble gun into the tray and press the button on the gun to create fantastic bubbles you can chase and try to lick. Since the mixed solution contains your beverage, it is highly recommended to use outdoor.

Note: This product is a toy and not a food. Do not drink the mixed bubble solution. The bubbles are safe to lick. Each bubble only contains a very tiny amount of liquid so it might be difficult to taste the flavor depending on the drink you have used. The coolest part about BubbLelick is to experiment, create, interact and just have a great time mixing, blowing and trying to lick those yummy bubbles.

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