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Built your tomorrow. Today!

Built your tomorrow. Today!
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e2 Young Engineers is a series of classes that allows students to experience science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) concepts through the imaginative structure of Legos. These programs are designed for children as young as 4-10 years old. They are transforming education of children around the world and make them have: success in school, creative thinking and self-confidence to mention some.

Our commitment is make students passionate about innovation and creativity, by encouraging independent-learning experience to ensure a strong and sustainable society.

Over the past few decades, as the demand for scientists and engineers has grown in response to our increasingly technology-driven world, the ‘talent pool’ for these fields has shrunk considerably. Additionally, the standard of teaching in STEM subjects is on the decline: in a recent World Economic Forum survey, the US ranked 49th in the world for the quality of its science and math education. Furthermore, standard teaching methods hold children back by focusing on conformity and standardization, rather than focusing on finding each child’s unique way of learning and encouraging creativity. This denies children to engage in the kind of complex, interdisciplinary thinking that is crucial to meet the demands of an increasingly challenging workplace.

Maryland parents agree that afterschool programs help give working parents peace of mind about their children when they are at work.

Children are both influenced by and exert influence on their surroundings. After School Programs are one such context are shaped by children. Among other benefits, participation in ASP has been found to increase academic success and positive social development. Recent research suggests that the advantages of these programs are greatest for children at risk for poor developmental outcomes, such as Latino children of immigrants. In fact, ASP may serve to protect adolescents from negative outcomes. One of our goals is to provide scholarships to children from Latino families who do not have the financial resources for extracurricular programs. Most of these children are alone in their homes after school. We want to prevent them from getting into trouble because their mind is not engaged in productive and creative things.

Please get involved in build our tomorrow, today!

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