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Caribe Clear Bottom Fishing Kayak

Caribe Clear Bottom Fishing Kayak
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The 2015 Caribe Clear Bottom Fishing Kayak is specifically geared to resorts and rental / tour operations, however, it is also well suited for the individual paddler. The interior of the Caribe can be inexpensively replaced after years of wear, saving the expense of replacing the entire boat. The 2015 Caribe offers two modular cockpits: (tandem conventional – solo dive/snorkel version ).

Unlike other types of kayaks, where the paddler sits inside the hull, a sit-on-top has the cockpit recessed into the top deck so the paddler just sits on top of the kayak. Because of their open cockpits, sit-on-tops are well suited to warm-weather paddling. Innovex’s patent pending sit-on-top kayak offers more than modular design.

Innovex takes the sit-on-top one step further: by dropping the cockpit lower into the boat, stability is greatly increased, paddler comfort is enhanced, and wave impact is reduced. We call it a SIT-IN-TOP: You’ll call it FUN.

As with all Innovex kayaks, the Caribe come standard with a transparent hull for underwater viewing.

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