Child’s Lightweight Blue Cotton Jacket Retro early 1980s

Child’s Lightweight Blue Cotton Jacket  Retro early 1980s
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This was my brother’s back to school jacket for i think 6th grade, so that would be in the late 70s/early 80s. i know my mom has a picture of all of us at the bus stop on the first day back. My brother in this blue jacket and my sister in the white one, holding metal lunch boxes with eager grins on our faces. The jacket has no branding label and the material/wash tag is well, washed out that it’s blurred. i don’t remember the shop where the jacket was purchased. But it has held up pretty well with all the wear and washing. Royal bright blue in color with a white stripe and a red stripe on the shoulders. One pocket on right side, at the side seam. The string to tighten the hood is original, but the waist one is missing. Original, working zipper, can be a bit sticky if not 100% lined up. Colors are not faded. No rips, tears or repairs. Likely a cotton / polyester blend. Very soft to the touch. Flaws Cotton lining is worn with several spots worn away completely, (see pic) Missing waist string / tie Ground in stain on hood.

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