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Classy Curse Kit: mugs and more

Classy Curse Kit: mugs and more
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Everything you need to express your vulgar emotions with refinement and grace.

Peeved? It’s healthy to express your feelings. But you are too classy for crude curses. The Classy Curse Kit gives you the tools you need to indicate that you are irked without resorting to barbaric blasphemies.

Polite obscenities. Each element of the Classy Curse Kit includes a colorful and typographically refined all-purpose curse in a socially acceptable form—the euphemism graphic. This design features a dignified frame in simmering gray accented with volcanic red characters.

What you’ll get. Each kit includes all the tools you need to express yourself with refinement, including:

Two porcelain Classy Curse mugs. Display your Classy Curse mug anytime an offensive or blasphemous expression is called for. To turn up the heat, simultaneously brandish two or more mugs. These are high-quality, 12-ounce mugs produced at the award-winning Karolina workshop in Poland using the proven in-glaze technique. Mugs are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe so you can express yourself every day.

Quality. The Classy Curse Mug is NOT like those #$%*?&! ceramic mugs you get free from the auto body shop or the veterinarian. This is fine porcelain that will enhance your dinner table today and, with a little #$%*?&! care, will also delight your descendants for generations.

These 12-ounce mugs are the perfect size. I worked hard to find the perfect mug size and shape. I wanted to avoid the discomfort of gargantuan mugs that are too big to lift and dinky mugs that require constant refills. I’ve selected a bold cylindrical shape with a graceful, plump, rounded handle. A classic form that goes with nearly everything.

Why two? When you see how fine these mugs are, you’re going to be glad you have multiples. If you are a lone wolf who survives with only one mug in your kitchen, you’ll have an extra mug to give as a #$%*?&! gift. Besides, I don’t have the resources to pack and ship mugs in different quantities. Keeping track of all that would make my head explode.

One dozen Classy Curse note cards with matching envelopes. Use these 4.25″ X 5.5″ cards to correspond with the people who rile you. The inside is blank so there is plenty of room to describe the sources of your displeasure and capture the true dimensions of your annoyance. Blank, A2 envelopes are included. Just add a stamp and you can go postal.

One dozen Classy Curse calling cards with customizable Banner-Hulk scale so you can indicate precisely how irked you are and why. These cards are ideal to tell family, co-workers, and strangers why you are miffed. Put one under the windshield wiper of a driver who has taken your favorite parking place (I’m irked) or leave it on the desk of a co-worker who takes the last donut from the coffee room (I’m furious).

Banner-Hulk? Remember gentle Dr. David Banner and his ferocious alter ego, The Incredible Hulk? That’s the essence of this scale. A scientifically precise way to articulate exactly how pissed you are. Hand one of these cards to everyone who irritates you. Will a dozen be enough?

Euphemism window decal so you can flaunt your displeasure to passing motorists or co-workers outside your glass-walled cubicle. Removable decals measure 5.5″ x 1.75″ (14 x 4.5 cm).

Memorable gift. Consider the Classy Curse Kit for friends who unable to swear effectively, friends who swear often but without grace, and friends who have jobs that limit them to only socially acceptable expressions of rage. It’s also perfect for friends who are enduring setbacks that are ample justification for swearing. 

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