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Coaster Pedicab Beer Trike

Coaster Pedicab Beer Trike
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This is the pedal trike with built-in beer taps that humors parched partygoers with cold beverages at block parties, beaches, and local festivals. Reminiscent of the iconic ice cream carts pedaled by men in starched white uniforms, this “tap room on wheels” keeps several kegs of your preferred brew sufficiently chilled in its 41-cu. ft. insulated aluminum cooler.

Dual taps on the cooler’s exterior (with handles made from bike chains) let you pour two frothy drafts at a time, and a top hatch provides easy access to the “jockey box”. The trike is handcrafted in Missoula, Montana—home to a thriving bicycling and microbrewery scene—with a 24-speed drivetrain that gives you enough gears to tackle any terrain. A rear hydraulic brake and a front v-brake provide reliable stopping.

The trike is constructed with a sturdy steel frame and rear diamond-plate fenders and comes equipped with headlights, tail lights, turn signals, running lights, and brake lights to help you safely share the road. Color-changing LED’s on a removable utility rack and an integrated Bluetooth amplifier with stereo marine speakers fuel a party atmosphere as you tap a cold one. Interior: 46 3/4″L x 38 1/4″ W x 40″ H. Exterior: 107″ L x 49 1/2″ W x 69″ H. (350 lbs.)

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