Create a book A personalized book Non denominational Book

Create a book A personalized book  Non denominational Book
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Create a book. This is a non-denominational personalized prayer book, with child’s name throughout, that help children discover how easy it is to talk to God. Our personalized story will help your child find the words to say when he or she wants to thank God. Your child will learn that he or she can pray to God anywhere just by talking to Him. This inspirational book includes beautifully written prayers and is a wonderful gift for every young believer. Features: For ages 2-12 This is a quality hard cover personalized children’s book Washable hard covers Fully illustrated color pages. the book has 35 beautiful pages. The following information is needed for each book: Add the personal information in the upper right-hand corner. Child’s First Name- Child’s Middle Name- Child’s Last Name- Name Child Goes By- (This is the name that will be used most in the book) Child’s Age (optional)- Gender- Hometown- Friends or Relatives ( 2-4)- Dedication- (This is your message to the child–ex: Merry Christmas,, Happy Birthday, With Love, etc Gift Giver’s Name- (Example: From Grandma and Grandpa, From Aunt Christine, From Mom and Dad, etc. Date of Gift-

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