Crochet Octopus AmigurumiChristmas Decoration Holiday

Crochet Octopus AmigurumiChristmas Decoration Holiday
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This is a listing for a Candy Cane colored, Red and White octopus plush, Christmas themed stuffed octopus. Great for the person who loves to decorate their home for the season! This octopus can be used however you wish, cuddle with the plush or use it as decoration, it’s up to you! Add this interesting piece to your Holiday Decorations! The Octopuses make good gifts for people of all ages. They’ve been given to grand kids as birthday gifts as well as coworkers to display in the office. Dimensions: 6 in. tall 4.5 in. wide Each one is handmade by me and may vary slightly. Safety eyes not meant for children under 3. Like the octopus but not the colors? Different colored octopuses available in my shop! -20+ solid colors in small, medium and large -multicolored in small, but message me for a different size! Solid Colored Mini Octopus:

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