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Cruzin Cooler Refrigerator Scoop

Cruzin Cooler Refrigerator Scoop
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The Electric Cruzin Cooler completes any tailgating experience from football games to concerts. Cruzin Cooler turns a 50 quart ice chest into a motorized scooter, complete with steering, disc brakes, and foot pedals.The Cruzin Cooler is light enough to be driven to a location and then picked up and carried. Can carry 24 beverages plus riders up to 250lbs. Treat yourself to the only motorized, ride-able cooler on the market at your next sporting event or neighborhood cookout.

Cruzin CoolerFeatures:

300 Watt or 500 Watt Electric Motor

Weight 64lbs.

Aluminum and chrome on exposed metals

Built in Cup-holder

Top speed 13 mph

Cargo Capacity 24 12oz cans with ice

Rider Capacity 250 lbs

Easy Brake and Throttle control

Great personal transportation

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