Deluxe Dungeon Derby – Family Friendly Strategy Board Game

Deluxe Dungeon Derby – Family Friendly Strategy Board Game
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  • PUSH YOUR LUCK: Real-time racing game where players represent clans whose “Champion” is racing through a dungeon. Place wagers on the Champion(s) of your choice before each race begins, and collect when your champion is the winner.
  • STRATEGY: Play Armor & Trap Cards before the race begins to help or hinder champions as they race through the dungeon. Play Spell cards once the race begins to ultimately decide their fate.
  • EXCITEMENT & ENERGY BUILDS: With each round the dungeon becomes more treacherous. Players begin to amass wealth and lines are drawn. Be careful, those who were once friends can quickly turn to foes.
  • SKILL LEVEL: Recommended for ages 8+ and for 3-6 Players. The more players you can recruit to the dungeon the more fun you will have in this epic adventure. Great Family, Party, Strategy Game. Looking to introduce someone into gaming or are a casual gamer yourself. Dungeon Derby is easy to learn and a ton of fun.
  • COMPONENTS: The Deluxe version includes 6 premium Champion figures, 70 treasure cards, 30 quest cards, 32 encounter tokens, 150 money chips, reinforced playing board, and more!
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