Diabolo Toilet Paper Holder by Vandiss

Diabolo Toilet Paper Holder by Vandiss
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Compared to decorating a kitchen interior or a personal bedroom, finding fun and tasteful furnishing for a bathroom is much more difficult. Yang Ripol design studio revolutionizes this task with a new line of bathroom accessories, the most notable being Diabolo.

The toilet paper holder derives its mode of operation from the juggling toy that consists of a top balanced across a string. Similarly, Diabolo operates by a pulley system that changes the conventional image of an immobile metal fixing and roll.

The nautical, orange rope wraps around the white pulley hub so that the toilet paper hangs at a conveniently adjustable height.

The simple design is customizable and can even be adapted to hold up towels and other toiletries if appropriate.

For those looking for a more serious look, Diabolo also comes with a chrome hub and black rope.

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