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Welcome to the world of Dock!me – The universal USB charging station with FIVE exceptional technical features

Your smartphone is one of the most important forms of real estate in your life – and that means you need a dock that lets you charge it and use it safely at the same time. With five unparalleled features that allow for full mobility and usability, this is exactly what Dock!me lets you do.

Dock!me is a sleek dock that lets you charge any Micro-USB compatible smartphone while simultaneously operating it in a safe position – with zero stress. This innovative tool was conceptualized with the idea that just as smartphones become more powerful each year, the way we use them should too.

With the following five ultra convenient features, the elegant and reliable Dock!me design lets you use your phone in a way that many other docks don’t.

You can easily adjust Dock!me to the size of your smartphone since Dock!me allows for 7mm of adjustable space. That means that it fits almost any smartphone with a case – so you never have to take it off.

A double-sided USB plug means you can use any smartphone with a USB socket, regardless of its orientation – because your phone’s design shouldn’t limit your ability to use it, especially while it charges.

Dock!me has a strong, gravity-defying design so the dock won’t flip over when you charge your phone. It was built with a spring mechanism that provides it with perfect support from the bottom, so it stays in one place.

As an added measure of safety, Dock!me is also engineered with a salamander pad that strengthens its ability to stand its ground. That means your smartphone stays in place when charging and doesn’t move left and right while you operate it, swiping the screen with your fingers.

Dock!me’s small, sleek design packs a lot of power. Two steel blocks are built into Dock!me, giving it additional resistance to flipping over or even the most minor slip-ups.

Dock!me’s stylish design will make you want to have it at any place. It’s made with reinforced plastic that’s checked meticulously before the manufacturing phase, undergoing thorough quality testings and 3-D printing. You can choose between six contemporary colours to fit your lifestyle.

Dock!me’s attractive design makes it desirable to use in any setting – whether you’re facilitating a meeting, studying in a library, or spending time in the office. With Dock!me, it’s easy for you to use your smartphone, whether you’re playing music, sending emails, or browsing the Internet.

Some docks damage the smartphone – which can cost you lots of money. This happens from repeatedly plugging and unplugging the phone to the charging cable. Eventually this causes the charging socket to loosen – a problem that’s mitigated when using Dock!me.

We created Dock!me because we wanted to provide a tool for smartphones that would let users both charge and use theirs at the same time. We were motivated by the fact that many designs on the market were weak: the phone fell over, the orientation of the socket didn’t fit and became loose over time. Not only this, but the cable couldn’t charge most phones.

Dock!me eliminates all of these problems.

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